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Overwatch League teams need to realize there are colors other than red and black

Earlier this week, the Atlanta Reign—one of the eight expansion teams joining Overwatch League for its upcoming second season—unveiled its team name, branding, and colors. They look great: red and silver, with black and white accents, falling in line with most of the other Atlanta-area sports teams—the Falcons (NFL, black and red, with white and silver accents), Hawks (NBA, red and white, with black and green accents), Braves (MLB, red and blue, with white and gold accents), and United (MLS, black and red, with gold accents). 

Then, yesterday, another Overwatch League expansion team announced its name and colors. The Toronto Defiant, with the colors red and black, with white accents. The team skins also look great, but the similarity to Atlanta's colors is undeniable. And let's not forget, there's already a red-branded team from Overwatch League's inaugural season: the Shanghai Dragons (red and black, with yellow accents). 

Now sure, plenty of teams throughout the history of sports have similar colors, even in the same league. And sure, alternate color schemes for home and away jerseys exist for this very reason—so it won't be just a sea of red when these teams play against each other. 

I'm just saying. There are colors other than red and black. To the six OWL expansion teams yet to reveal their colors and branding: take note. Pink is sitting right there for the taking. 

Bo Moore
Bo Moore

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