Our forum is down while we burn out the bugs

A little known fact about the internet: puns leave a gooey residue that sticks to the undercarriage of websites. Not only does this slime slow down the hi-speed journey through broadband tubes, it's also the perfect breeding ground for parasitic HTML bugs. Such an infestation has been found growing in our forum and commenting system, and so we've sent in a team in to scrape, sweep and burn the place clean. To facilitate their efforts, we've quarantined the zone until further notice.

Hopefully the team will be following standard survival procedure: don't split up, don't leave anyone behind, and don't poke the mysterious fleshy sac that's hanging from the Disc Support sub-forum.

If you need a quick-forum fix while this maintenance is ongoing, try posting a comment underneath this announcement. It's not the same, of course, but it might stave off the withdrawal until everything's back up and running. Or at least until we've flushed out the dead husks of a once-human clean-up crew.

Update: Comments are now temporarily disabled too—sorry! Until they're back up, please think really hard about your comments and we'll try to receive them psychically.


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