Original Dead Space co-creator says he's 'excited' by the remake

Dead Space
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Before he co-founded Sledgehammer Games and became known as a Call of Duty guy, Glen Schofield spent his days at EA Redwood Shores, later known as Visceral Games, where he headed up development on the groundbreaking horror game Dead Space. He wasn't involved in the development of either of the sequels, but following the announcement of the Dead Space remake at yesterday's EA Play, he said on Twitter that the series is still important to him, and he's looking forward to what comes next.

"Directing the original Dead Space was one of the highlights of my career," Schofield tweeted. "Excited to see what the EA MotiveStudio team does with it!"

Motive, the studio working on the project, replied in kind, crediting Schofield (and, one must assume, Redwood Shores) for paving the way.

The Callisto Protocol, in case you missed it, is a survival horror game in development at Schofield's Striking Distance Studios that looks a lot like Dead Space. It's even got neck-worn neon monitor-type things, although horizontal instead of vertical. It's also set in the PUBG universe for some reason. Details haven't been revealed yet but Schofield said he wants it to be "the most terrifying game of all time." It's expected out in 2022—you can get a look at the reveal cinematic below.

Andy Chalk

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