Organic Panic has fruit fighting back against meat in destructible puzzle levels

Organic Panic is what happens when destructible environments and robust level editing powers get blended up with a puzzle-platformer, ridiculous characters and a generous handful of kale. (I'm just guessing on the kale. I don't know the real recipe.)

The game casts you as a collection of wholesome fruits and vegetables in a battle against the oppressive meats and cheeses of the world. I guess this is a setting where rich, delicious flavors are synonymous with evil. The cartoony fruits and vegetables look friendly and nicely animated, but the deformable terrain is where the heart of the game will be.

Organic Panic's environments are a little reminiscent of the Worms franchise, only much more responsive and physics-based. In Organic, when you tunnel through a cliffside, the top edge collapses and slides down the mountain like a kung-fu movie bad guy getting halfed by an enchanted katana. The possibilities are endless.

Developer Last Limb Games's blog shows that the team already has a Kickstarter campaign in the planning stages, but so far there hasn't been an announced release date.