OpenGL successor to be unveiled at GDC session

Valve Head

The successor to OpenGL is set to be unveiled at a panel on March 5 during the 2015 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.

The panel, entitled "glNext: The Future of High Performance Graphics (Presented by Valve)" features developers and engineers from Valve, Epic Games, EA, and other companies, and will unveil Khronos' glNext initiative, "the upcoming cross-platform graphics API designed for modern programming techniques and processors."

The panel consists of Johan Andersson, technical fellow on the Frostbite Engine Team, Valve developers Pierre-Loup Griffais and John McDonald, Niklas Smedberg, senior engine programmer at Epic Games, Dan Baker, graphics architect at Oxide Games, and Aras Pranckevicius, a graphics architect for Unity Technologies.

The panel will present a technical breakdown of the new API as well as show off live demos of several real-world applications running on glNext drivers and hardware.

Bo Moore

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