One Steam bundle contains over 5,000 bees

A stylised squid with a forest and village growing on it
(Image credit: Follow The Fun)

Sometimes, you look at the Steam store by newest, and see a game called I commissioned some bees 5. And you have to ask: "What happened to I commissioned some bees 1-4?"

There's an answer to that question, and it's called I bundled some bees.

I commissioned some bees (and its sequels) is a hidden object game to find over 1,000 bees, but really what I find so compelling is the store descriptions. I know what a hidden object game is. It's not a novel concept to me. Why is this so charming?

"The brief was simple. I commissioned artists to create a fantasy world, and hide as many bees as they can inside it."

Really, what else is there to say? If your inclinations are a little more resource management oriented, but equally bee, you might also be interested in Apico. Apico came out on World Bee Day this year, and hopes you'll take an interest in conservation while enjoying its minigames.

You can pick up the entire bundle of bees on Steam for £5.95/£7.01, or any individually commissioned set of bees for around £1.69/$1.99. You can also find Apico at