One Finger Death Punch: become the bane of stick men in this two-button twitch brawler

One Finger Death Punch owes two debts: one to the kung-fu films it stylistically apes, and one to the '90s - a time when 95% of the internet was stick figures performing brutal kill moves on each other. It's a timing-based brawler, in which you tap in the direction of nearby enemies to acrobatically attack them - producing a rhythmic choreography of violence and combos.

As simple as the (technically two-fingered) control system is, the precision required keeps the challenge interesting - with mis-clicks resulting in damage taken, and button-mashing heavily penalised. Add to that special QTE-styled 1 vs 1 encounters, and you're left with plenty of spectacle as a result of your basic commands.

You can play a decent sized demo now: just head to One Finger Death Punch's Greenlight page , where you can also vote to get the game on Steam. You should probably do both. The developers say acceptance onto Steam would allow them to provide "additional art and polish" over the existing XBLIG version.

One Finger Death Punch is due out on PC later this year.

Phil Savage

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