Oh snapper, fishing is coming to Destiny 2 later today

A new Destiny 2 season launches in just a few hours, and, as always, there's a season launch trailer to pre-empt it. You know what to expect here: new weapons, story hints and a montage of action that quantises gunfire to the beat of the background music. It's a Destiny 2 launch trailer, y'know?

But forget all of that, because at the end is confirmation that fishing is coming to Destiny 2.

"Players who own the Season Pass will have access to weekly Deep Dive missions, the matchmade Seasonal activity named Salvage, and the all-new Fishing activity," explains the Season of the Deep press release. It was inevitable, really. Destiny 2 is a videogame, and videogames love to include a fishing minigame.

Bungie is light on details about both the minigame and its associated rewards, but a Discord leak that predicted this announcement claimed that the fish you catch can be kept as pets.

I guess we should look at what else is in the trailer? Titan's back, and Sloane calls us in to finally meet the Leviathan long teased as patrolling its oceans. We get to see the new seasonal guns, all seemingly Taken-themed versions of the old Season of Drifter weapons. And we get a glimpse at a new Arc auto-rifle exotic. There's also some new exotic armour pieces, including yet another weird Warlock helmet.

Also, as seen in the seasonal press kit that Bungie released alongside the trailer, we're getting an ornament for the Starfire Protocol exotic armour. Just in time for it to be massively nerfed. Thanks for that one, Bungie.

An ornament for the Starfire Protocol exotic.

(Image credit: Bungie)

You will eventually be able to learn more details about the season on the Bungie landing site—currently it's not live. Season of the Deep will launch when the current Destiny 2 maintenance finishes at 11am PDT.

Phil Savage

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