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Oculus Touch price and release date confirmed [Updated]

Update: It's been announced at the Oculus Connect conference that the Oculus Touch will be out in the US on December 6, at a price of $199. In the UK they'll go for £190, according to this listing on Amazon UK, and be available on November 23. 

Original story:

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset arrived in the UK this week, some months after first landing in the States. The hardware’s wireless controllers—which are designed to enable a variety of input methods, including "hand presence," "manipulation," and "communicative gestures"—are as yet without a release date or concrete price tag, but if advertising in a UK games retailer is to be believed, they’re coming in a little more expensive than first thought. 

As spotted by Engadget reporter Nick Summers, GAME appears to be accepting pre-orders for the Oculus Touch controllers—which cost £189.99 and require a £50 deposit up front. Doing so should guarantee “launch day delivery.”

To put things into perspective, assuming this price is correct, an Oculus Rift headset and Oculus Touch controllers will cost £738.99 combined; whereas main competitor the HTC Vive costs £759 in the UK. 

Again, this is yet to be confirmed—as is a release date—however we can likely expect to learn more next month when Oculus Connect kicks off on October 5.