Nvidia’s latest drivers prep your PC for Shadow of War and The Evil Within 2

Nvidia has a new GPU driver package available that is supposed to deliver the "best possible gaming experience" in a handful of games, including Middle-earth: Shadow of War (released today), The Evil Within 2 (releases Friday, October 13), and Forza Motorsport 7 (released last week).

The 387.92 WHQL driver package also contains tweaked code for Arktika.1, an atmospheric FPS game that is exclusive to the Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch gameplay.

Beyond 'Game Ready' optimizations, the new driver release brings with it few new features, including support for OpenGL 4.6, GameStream support for HDR in Windows 10, and Fast Sync support for SLI.

Nvidia also coded in a bunch of bug fixes, as it typically does with each new driver release. The big one here is a fix that addresses Intel X299 setups with SLI not fully utilizing the GPUs, resulting in poor performance. Users running multiple graphics cards on an X299 motherboard should see improved framerates in games, though Nvidia did not say to what extent.

Other fixes include:

  • [YouTube]: With Fast Sync enabled, twitching occurs in full-screen YouTube videos while moving the mouse cursor.
  • [Discord]: Share FPS overlay appears in the application.
  • [HTC Vive]: VR view may jump at random times.
  • [NVIDIA Control Panel]: Custom resolutions are not preserved after updating the driver (in Windows 10).
  • [NVIDIA Control Panel][ASUS 4k display]: "Use NVIDIA Color Setting” is not preserved after updating or rolling back the driver.
  • Lines flash across the screen momentarily while booting into Windows.

You can download the new driver package through GeForce Experience or grab it from Nvidia's website.

Paul Lilly

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