Nvidia pushes out GPU drivers optimized for Vampyr and Jurassic World Evolution

Nvidia has begun doling out its 398.11 WHQL driver release to GeForce GPU owners, and with it comes 'Game Ready' performance tweaks for Vampyr (out now) and Jurassic World Evolution (due out next week on June 12).

In addition to introducing game optimizations for Vampyr and Jurassic World Evolution, Nvidia also says this is the driver to install for the "best possible gaming experience on HDR-capable G-Sync displays." That bit is actually listed as a new feature in the release notes (PDF).

There are only two bug fixes attached to this release. They include:

  • [SLI][Hitman Pro: DirectX 12]: With SLI mode enabled, the game crashes if in-game HDR is ON and Windows HDR setting is OFF at lower resolutions.
  • [Call of Duty: WWII][Surround]: With Surround enabled, the center Surround display is blank during gameplay.

The release notes list nearly a dozen open issues that Nvidia is working to fix, one of which applies to playing back non-HDR video in full-screen—some users are seeing video corruption and flickering when the HDR is turned on. To prevent this from happening, Nvidia says to disable the Windows HDR setting before launching the video.

You can install the latest driver release through GeForce Experience, or go here to manually download and install.

Paul Lilly

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