Nvidia is best known for building GPUs but says it actually spends '80% of our time on the software'

Nvidia RTX 4070 and RTX 3080 Founders Edition graphics cards
(Image credit: Future)

Where do Nvidia's priorities lie these days? Believe it or not, the company recently said at the Future Computer conference that it dedicates a whole lot more time on the software side of things than it does hardware.

Twitter user TMFInnovator (via sweclockers) highlighted some interesting quotes from Manuvir Das, Nvidia's director of enterprise computing, who told attendees at the conference that "at Nvidia, we spend 20% of our time on the hardware and 80% of our time on the software."

It's tough to imagine that 80/20 split considering Nvidia is in the middle of launching its new RTX 40-series GPUs. Das' statement is a reminder that Nvidia has other irons in the fire, and graphics cards are only part of what it's trying to achieve. 

Aside from its impressive DLSS supersampling and frame-rate generation tech, Nvidia recently launched a new modding platform called RTX Remix that lets modders easily add AI-enhanced RTX mods to classic DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 games. It's also developing more consumer-focused AI-assisted video tools like RTX Broadcast

AI was a big topic at the conference, and the Nvidia exec called artificial intelligence a "full-stack problem," requiring solutions from both the hardware and software side. AI also plays a huge role in Nvidia's Omniverse platform, which leverages the computing power of its GPUs, things like making a digital Earth 2.

"We are continually working on the algorithms to understand what our hardware can and cannot do," said Das. 

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