North American Star League StarCraft 2 tournament has $100,000 prize pool

StarCraft 2 battlecruiser vs void rays

The North American Star League have announced that their first StarCraft 2 competition will have a prize pool of $100,000. The competition will start on April 5 and run for thirteen weeks, with matches being broadcast every weeknight.

The tournament structure sees 50 players compete in group stages to earn the right to advance to a 16 man LAN event to decide the overall winner. Players will be fighting over the huge $100,000 prize pot, which is set to grow with each subsequent NASL season.

Matches will be streamed for free every weeknight at 5pm PST, and again later for European audiences. There's also a subscription feed that will let you watch the matches in HD. Visit the North American Star League site for more information.

[via RPS ]

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