Noblechairs should never have let us design our own gaming chair

The Noblechairs Hero with custom printing, with Alan our resident gremlin.
(Image credit: Future)

Ever fancied your own personalised gaming chair? If the masses of game and superhero themed chairs aren't quite curing that itch, then you will be pleased to learn that Overclockers has paired with Noblechairs to bring us custom Epic, Icon and Hero gaming chairs.

The Hero is the one I picked to test our own design, since it's one of our favourite gaming chairs of 2022, and I have to say it looks pretty stunning. Despite the design we chose being a little tongue-in-cheek, we've had a lot of compliments from other teams in the office. Even when it's sat next to the Thermaltake's Porsche gaming chair we've been testing, most eyes are trained on this one.

Noblechairs custom printed gaming chair lineup.

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

That's partly down to the fantastic printing, and perhaps partly down to the reference we made to bottoms in the design. Honestly, though, we're probably not going to be the last to push the limits of what Noblechairs is willing to print on its chairs. I dread to think of some of the designs Overclockers is going to get through and I'm not sure where the line stands on that one. 

What I do know is that unfortunately for our overseas friends, "the service is by Overclockers UK so the printing is currently done in the UK. But they accept orders from all over the world, it may cost them a lot in shipping, but technically anyone can buy one." Just a heads up in case you've never tried to lift a gaming chair in its box: these things are not light. The Noblechairs Hero is 28kg (61.7lbs), so don't expect oversea shipping to be cheap.

If you're desperate to get a gaming chair plastered with your favourite meme or wonderful waifu, and you're willing to spend out on shipping, as well as £30 for printing on the back of the headrest and £100 for the full back then it may be time to get creative. Just remember that's on top of the price of the chair.

You can get get your own design printed today, so don't let your memes be dreams, folks.


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