No preload for Halo Infinite, but having multiplayer will decrease download time

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343 Industries has apologised for the fact that Halo Infinite's campaign doesn't have the option to preload, but has said the download will be quicker if you already have the multiplayer mode installed.

The Halo Support Twitter account provided a list of installation sizes depending on whether you already have Infinite's multiplayer mode installed. If you don't, you'll be looking at a 48.42GB download for the whole thing when the campaign unlocks on December 8. If you've already been diving into some Arena and BTB, you'll only need to download 29.83GB for both the campaign and the multiplayer update.

Community director Brian Jarrard apologised for Halo Infinite's lack of preload, tweeting "While you can't officially pre-load the #HaloInfinite campaign (sorry!) you can get a head start by installing the MP package if you don't have it yet and save a little time tomorrow."

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It's a shame for those that were hoping to dive into Infinite's campaign as soon as it unlocks, and it feels weird for a game with this much hype to not have a preload function. If you are planning on diving into the campaign when it's out, you might want to make sure multiplayer is installed to give yourself a shorter wait later on.

Nat Clayton checked out Halo Infinite's campaign for PC Gamer's review, calling it "the best shooting the series has seen to date," despite feeling like the story is hindered by the baggage of its predecessors.

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