No more overpowered dancing in Destiny 2 PVP

Radiant Dance Machine boots from Destiny. They are glowing green.
(Image credit: Bungie via Silicon Soldier)

The developers of Destiny 2 have disabled the Radiant Dance Machines exotic boots in PvP because it was making Hunter characters far, far too powerful. It wasn't just the busting of sick moves to a kickin beat that threatened Bungie, though: The boots let Hunters use their dodge power more if they're close to an enemy. Destiny 2 hunters have far more synergy with their dodges than the designers anticipated, though. It was a powerful item, but not inherently broken until you started to add mods.

When combined with Dynamo, which charges your super by using your class power, Hunters could charge up their super bar really, really fast just by dodging around.

The Distribution mod, meanwhile, reduced other cooldowns if you used your class ability while near an enemy... which is exactly when Radiant Dance Machines let you use your class power a bunch of extra times.

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Outlawing dancing because it's too fun is definitely something that has never happened before and will not have unforeseen consequences.

An image of Kevin Bacon dancing in 1984 movie Footloose.

(Image credit: Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

I'm joking, obviously, because Bungie is still letting you abuse the boots and their dancing power in PvE content. You just can't do it in PvP anymore. Go forth and flex on the alien baddies of the future with your absolutely wicked moves while the synergies last.

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