No Man's Sky's best bases

With No Man's Sky's recent Foundation update delivering a fairly robust base-building feature, players have not been idle (except for me—I haven't built a damn thing). With planets now covered in towering skyscrapers and mountain hideaways and replicas of Star Wars ships, No Man's Sky has wound up looking a little bit like Minecraft recently.

Here's a collection of the best player-made bases we've seen so far.

Monarch of the Park created this loving tribute to the R-series astromech and 3PO protocol droids from Star Wars—which we'll just go ahead and assume are specifically R2-D2 and C-3PO. Cleverly, R-2D2 was even built at a slight angle, just how he looks when he's rolling around in the films. Nicely done.

More Star Wars? Of course. The same player also built this wonderful base replica of an AT-AT walker, even going so far as to construct it on an icy, Hoth-like planet. Monarch also built a base that looks like an X-Wing, one that looks like a TIE bomber, and one that looks like an Imperial shuttle. Here's hoping there's a gonk droid in our future.

It's hard to pick just one image of Thomas_B_Foolery's extensive and immaculately decorated base, so here are a couple dozen more. The interior is really a wonder of design and attention to detail. I definitely wouldn't bother exploring the universe if that was my planetary home. Who would ever want to leave it?

What happens when an architect builds a No Man's Sky base? You're about to find out in this series of amazing images. While I haven't fact-checked that OftRepeated1136 is actually an architect (I'm lazy like that), this base could easily go in an impressive portfolio.

This Mega Man base created by ManyMensky looks like it could just be a simple Photoshop job, but here's proof that it's actually a base, built from carefully placed and specifically colored room cubes. I truly hope some unsuspecting player is able to land on this planet someday and stumble across it.

Sometimes a base's location is just as important as the base itself, and a great example of that is AeliosZero's mountainside getaway. Not only does the base have a great view, it is itself a great view, crafted right into the side of the cliffs. There are more pictures here.

If you've had your fill of Star Wars, how about a little Star Trek? Monarch of the Park again, this time with a Borg cube. All things considered, it doesn't look like a terrible way to be assimilated.

I don't know how practical this base by burNINJAlapeno is, but going off the fact that everything in the future will hover it makes a certain amount of sense. If massive chunks of copper can float above the ground in No Man's Sky, I don't see why a bunch of buildings can't. Just watch your step.

I love this modern looking base created by Solidu5, built in 5 hours with over 10,000 units of iron. There are more pictures to be gawked at here, and don't miss the ultra-cool indoor landing pad. That is one swank base.

There's a height limit on bases, but it can be gotten around. Meaning you can make your base tall. Real tall. The above gif, posted by onlyFPSplayer demonstrates just how tall. One can only wonder how long it takes to climb back up to the top.

Christopher Livingston
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