No Man's Sky Explorer's Editions have finally begun to reach customers

(Image credit: Pictures by sneakyboard on Reddit)

If you've spent any time on the No Man's Sky subreddit, you've no doubt seen near-daily posts from customers who ordered the $150 Explorer's Edition of the game from iam8bit asking if anyone else had received theirs and wondering if they would ever arrive. For those who pre-ordered back in the spring and summer before the game's launch, it's been a long wait as the months slowly unspooled into 2017.  The edition, which included a hand-painted model ship and other items, has been a complete no-show, and it seemed as every month passed iam8bit would move the expected shipping date a little further into the future.

Well, here we are in the future, and it appears that those ships have finally begun to ship. Players are reporting they have received their Explorer's Edition, posting pictures and giving their impressions.

I don't have an Explorer's Edition myself to judge the quality of the items included, but as is the case with pretty much everything, some players seem perfectly pleased with the end result (if not the lengthy wait) while others are disappointed.

At the very least, if you pre-ordered the boxed Explorer's Edition, you'v got a reason to begin checking your mailbox again, as (hopefully) you'll be receiving it soon. Heck, even one person who says they cancelled their order a few months ago wound up getting one, so I'm putting good odds on you getting yours.

Christopher Livingston
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