No joke: South Park RPG in development at Obsidian


Well now, this is just delightful . Obsidian - fresh off the at times (read: Old World Blues) hysterical Fallout: New Vegas - is teaming up with Trey Parker and Matt Stone to create a "full-scale" South Park RPG. This is no quick social or mobile cash-in, either. It's a bonafide big-budget console/PC production backed by THQ.

On top of that, Parker and Stone are both writing and performing dialog, according to Game Informer . In other words, expect some of the most profane, probably amazing dialog options ever conceived. The game's set for release "sometime in 2012," but expect more info as soon as the new Game Informer issue hits.

Now then, precisely how many copies of this game will I need to buy to get a Team America FPS that relentlessly mocks the current glut of modern war shooters? Honestly, even all of them is an acceptable answer.