Nitro Concepts announces a new gaming chair with neck and lumbar support

If it's a colorful office chair you're after, you have a growing number of options to choose from. Adding to them is the new S300 series from Nitro Concepts. Available in a variety of color options, Nitro Concepts says the S300 is the "best chair we've ever built."

From Nitro Concepts' description (we haven't saddled up in one of these ourselves), the S300 uses high-quality cloth on top of breathable cold foam. The chairs are extra open in design, with the main body measuring 57cm wide and 87cm high. A class 4 gas lift adjusts the seat between 48cm and 61cm.

Unlike some of the company's previous gaming chairs, the S300 has head and lumbar support pillows for ergonomic comfort. It also has adjustable polyurethane arm rests, and can recline 135 degrees.

The S300 is comprised of a steel frame that extends down into a five-armed base with 50mm castors that are supposedly quiet, both on soft and hard surfaces. We're not sure why Nicro Concepts decided to point out that out—maybe to entice gamers who drive their families crazy by scooting loudly across the floor and into the kitchen during gaming breaks. Getting up and walking would achieve the same thing, but whatever.

Summed up, Nitro Concepts says "the S300 contains all the components of a top-class premium gaming chair, without the overblown price tag." You can buy one now from OCUK for £230.

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Paul Lilly

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