Ni no Kuni 2 reveals 'The Lair of the Lost Lord' DLC, due in 2018

Austin billed Ni no Kuni 2 as "one the best JRPGs on PC". That's hardly faint praise, and while its first slice of added content didn't add too much to the Revenant Kingdom (it was free, after all), its first portion of premium DLC sounds more whole wholesome. It's due "this winter". 

Named 'The Lair of the Lost Lord', things kick off when a mysterious gate appears inside the Rubbly Ruins that leads to a Labyrinth. Things get more fantastically whimsical still when we learn The Prince of Wraiths, "the mysterious rule of the Labyrinth", plans to use this portal to corrupt and destroy the Evermore Kingdom. 

Enter us, the players, who must step into the Labyrinth, face the terrors that lurk inside, and  "stop the Prince of Wraiths’ madness and bring peace back to Evermore Kingdom". All in a day's work. 

Bandai Namco says the new DLC also equips players with a new battle ability, The Martial Method, which is obtainable from memories of people met during the journey. Moreover, the DLC packs 80 pieces of equipment that promises to "elevate the team to new heights"; whereas a returning enemy seeks a "final rematch". 

More information on all of that is "coming soon", says Bandai Namco. The Lair of the Lost Lord is without a hard launch date at present, but is due later this year—both as part of the season pass and as a separate purchase.