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Live: the best Cyber Monday GPU deals available right now

We're here to help navigate the Cyber Monday graphics card minefield, and find the right GPU deal for you.

AMD RX 6700 XT and Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards

Finding the best Cyber Monday GPU deals is a full-time job right now. We've nailed Black Friday, but with some of the top graphics card deals (opens in new tab) having gone out of stock we're now scouting around to find you the best new Cyber Monday discounts that are coming online today.

But after two years of absolutely nothing, followed by some utterly unhinged pricing on new cards, you can be forgiven for finding it borderline impossible to figure out what actually is a good GPU deal.

The issue is that there are now a lot of graphics cards out in the channel with no home to go to, and a price that no-one should pay. I'm talking about last-gen GPUs with price tags akin to current generation cards, and unscrupulous retailers pretending that slapping some nominal discount on them somehow makes them worthwhile.

Yeah, there are GTX 16-series cards out there with a third knocked off the original sticker price, but that isn't going to cut it out here in the real world when there are AMD RDNA 2-powered GPUs floating around for less. Which is why we're here to keep you up to date with only the Black Friday graphics card deals that are worth your time, your money, and a place in your rig.

Where are the best Cyber Monday graphics card deals?

GPU hierarchy

If you're struggling at all figuring out where the different graphics cards stack up against each other, we've put together a handy rough guide to GPU hierarchy (opens in new tab) over the last generation or so of cards. It's crafted around our own 3DMark Time Spy Extreme benchmark figures, or the average score taken from UL's own database for older cards we don't have up to date testing for.


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