Newest Kerbal Space Program build updates terrains, flight controls and astronaut management

Kerbal Space Program , the space-agency simulation game that we've been writing about incessantly , has just been updated with a new build. KSP version .21 adds new features, new terrain models for all of the celestial bodies in the Kerbal solar system and a brand-new crew management and recruiting system.

Up until now, Kerbal Space Program has been a giant sandbox, allowing players to experiment and perform any mission they'd like. The sandbox won't be going anywhere, of course, but adding the recruiting and personnel system is the first step toward a dedicated career mode. In career mode, we'll be able to manage the funds and astronauts needed to make a space program function on the bureaucratic level.

On the downside, Kerbals are no longer infinitely replaceable, so testing new designs with unmanned flights just became highly recommended.

New flight controls and updated construction facilities have also appeared, fleshing out the world and smoothing the flight mechanics. The changes to the stability management system will be especially helpful for new pilots.

If you've been following along, now is a great time to jump in on Kerbal Space Program. If you've already got the game but haven't played in a while, this is a good excuse to come back. Unfortunately, if you had any bases or landers parked on other planets, the new terrain has probably wiped them off the map. Time to start again!