New release of EVE Online will be a relief for rookies

Eve Online

Space MMO EVE Online can be a cruel place for a new player. After you've created your moody space rogue, complete with thousand yard stare and expression of reserved determination, it's hard to know what to do and easy to jump into un-policed 0.0 space and get blasted by a wandering pirate. The new retail release of EVE, called the Commissioned Officer Edition, hopes to fix that. It's created especially for players who are completely new to the game.

As reported on VG247 , the Commissioned Officer Edition comes with a 30 day subscription and a Cerebral Accelerator Implant. Sadly, this isn't some form of nano-technology you can insert directly into your brain, unlocking the secrets of EVE's vast, player-ruled universe in a few minutes. You use it to buff your character instead, granting him a significant boost to all of his skills for the first 30 days of play. The new edition will also come with a massive poster full of tips on how to survive your first month in the cosmic wilderness.

The COE will only be available as a physical, boxed copy, and is scheduled to hit stores in the US on October 19th, with a European release to follow soon after. All this comes just ahead of EVE's huge Incursion update, which arrives in November.

Tom Senior

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