New Overwatch content seems imminent, following cryptic new Blizzard post

Rarely does a week go by without some form of new Overwatch content being teased and / or speculated about, and this week is no different. This new tease – which comes straight from Blizzard – is fairly substantial though, pointing as it does to something quite big seeming

Delivered in the form of an in-universe news story concerning the "possible fate of Horizon Lunar Colony", the post is likely to confuse (even irritate) any players not heavily invested in the game's lore. But even if, like me, you're happy to stay on the payload every night without really caring about the story, there are some strong hints in there. My suspicion is that we'll be getting a new Horizon Lunar Colony map soon.

Why? Well, the image embedded above looks a lot like a first-person shooter map to me, and one that could feasibly work with one of Overwatch's game modes.

Though it's equally likely that a new Overwatch playable character is being teased. The fictional email trail hints at the fate of a group of captured gorillas undergoing "genetic therapy", and the possible escape of one called "Hammond".

Or it could be something else entirely. If you're a lore investigator or enthusiast, it's worth checking out the post firsthand. Let me know what you think.

Shaun Prescott

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