New Mass Effect comic is out, free seven page preview online

Mass Effect Comic

Anyone who had a glance through the codex in Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 will know that there's a hell of a lot of backstory to Mass Effect's sprawling universe. A prequel comic strip called Mass Effect: Evolution, written by the writer for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, has just been released, telling the story of humankind's first foray into the intergalactic limelight. The first seven pages have been thrown up for free online.

The free pages are all available on the Bioware Blog . They depict a time long before the uneasy peace of the Citadel in which the humans are at war with the chitinous Turians. The comics tell the origin story of Mass Effect 2's Illusive man, and are penned by Mass Effect 2 and 3's Lead Writer, Mac Walters with some help from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic writer John Jackson Miller.

The full comic is out now and can be bought from comic book stores or digitally from Dark Horse comics .

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