New Heroes of the Storm video reveals characters, skins, and mounts

Li Ming Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard's new Heroes of the Storm “in development” video serves up a brief look at the recently-revealed characters Xul and Li-Ming, as well as new skins, mounts, and snippets of gameplay showing their themed abilities in action.

The video is very much a “first look” kind of thing, with about five seconds dedicated to Li-Ming gameplay and none at all for Xul. There are more than a half-dozen new skins to see, though, for Arthas, Jaina, Illidan, and others (my favorite is Love Doctor Morales), and the Star Chariot, Cloud Serpent, and Lunar Dragon mounts are pretty groovy too.

There's still no release date for the new Heroes, but Blizzard said Li-Ming will come out first, while Xul debut sometime “in the weeks following.”

Andy Chalk

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