Here's the new Hearthstone card we revealed on Twitch

Argent Horserider Hearthstone header

UPDATE - Here's the card! The Argent Strider is a neutral 3-Mana common minion, with 2/1 stats, Charge and Divine Shield.

Click this image for a hi-res cutout PNG of the Argent Horserider.

There's probably a place for him in aggro Paladin decks, where he can be buffed with cards like Blessing of Wisdom to become a DIY Argent Commander. Tom thinks the card might also see play as an effective answer to a turn two Knife Juggler. What do you reckon readers? Can you find a home for this mustachioed horseman?

You can watch the full video of the card reveal, followed by our thoughts on all the cards revealed so far over at our Twitch channel.

Original story: It's been a little over a week since Blizzard announced the next expansion for Hearthstone, The Grand Tournament, and we've since fallen into a familiar pattern of scouring the internet daily for new card announcements. In the lead up to Hearthstone's last major expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes, we got to announce a new card here on PC Gamer, and we're pleased as a Hunter with an on-curve Highmane to say we've got another card to announce today for The Grand Tournament.

Resident Hearthstoners Tim Clark and Tom Marks will be playing some Tavern Brawl during our regular Friday livestream today from 3-5pm PDT. At around 3.30 PDT they will be joined by Hearthstone's senior game designer Ben Brode for the reveal, and to take a few questions from Twitch chat (if it's not too rowdy). After that Tim and Tom will be discussing all the new cards revealed so far.

You can watch the stream from the embed above, or directly on our Twitch channel, and we'll be sure to post a full-res image of the card as soon as it's shown.


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