Hearthstone card reveal: Iron Sensei

Iron Sensei

Possibly just to keep me from pressing my sad face up against their office windows, the decksmiths at Blizzard have given PC Gamer an exclusive card to reveal from Goblins vs Gnomes, the next Hearthstone expansion, which is due out this December.

And here he is. Say konnichiwa to the Iron Sensei, a 3 mana rare Rogue card. The Sensei joins the swiftly-growing ranks of mech minions being introduced by the new set. He’s so happy to be amongst his mech mates that at the end of each turn he’ll give a friendly one +2/+2.

Click for a high-res image of the Iron Sensei.

There’s some nice potential synergy here with the other new Rogue minion revealed, the Goblin Auto-Barber. Drop both on Turn 5 with a dagger already in play and you’d likely be in pretty good shape.

I like to think of the card as somewhere between a robots-only Shattered Sun Cleric and a Blood Imp, because the Sensei's buff also occurs each turn. That means he's going to be such a priority to remove for your opponent that the card might as well have Taunt too. Perhaps sneaky Rogues will start using Conceal to help keep this stats generator alive for longer. And there’s also a Spare Part card which gives a creature Stealth for a turn to consider, although that'll be a lot less reliable.

Let us know what you think about the card in the comments. I’ll obviously be including two copies in all my Rogue decks in perpetuity as a sign of gratitude, even if the Sensei ends up being the new Magma Rager. (Which he won’t. I actually think he’s pretty good value.) You can also check out some thoughts on the other recent card reveals in our gallery here.

Tim Clark

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