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New Frostpunk developer update outlines endgame and confirms price

Frostpunk, the game about building and maintaining a society in very undesirable (read: frosty) circumstances, will release in March. But in the meantime, studio 11 Bit has released details about the game's "advanced endgame", which involves keeping your society on the straight and narrow or, if you want, tyrannically beating it into the shape you desire.

In other words, you'll have plenty of freedom regarding how you'd like to evolve and nurture your snow swept community. "You can try to be the noble one and listen to the people, no matter if they're right or wrong," says lead gameplay programmer Aleksander Kauch, "or you can believe that your cold-blooded calculations will prove valid over the course of survival."

One example provided is if you take the "path of Order" which, by the look of it, is basically taking the law and order (or police state) route. It allows you to build guard stations and institute neighbourhood watch and patrol programs. 

More on the meat of the update can be read over here, alternatively there's a video embedded below. On the subject of pricing, the game will cost US$29.99/EU$29.99 when it launches next month. If you want an idea of how it is to spend some time in Frostpunk, Chris played it last year and enjoyed it.

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