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New Doom video showcases "Guns, Demons, and Speed"

Bethesda's new Doom video is entitled “Guns, Demon, Speed,” which is interesting because the point, according to the description on YouTube, is to illustrate that “there's more to Doom than just running and gunning.” Like punching, I guess? Yes—lots and lots of punching

“Doom is about guns, first and foremost, and fighting demons with guns,” Executive Producer Marty Stratton explains succinctly, and he's really not wrong. But weapons are customizable—the shotgun can be tweaked with an alt-fire that makes it effective at longer rangers, for instance—and so are characters, through the use of “progression items” like runes and research projects. 

It feels a wee little bit like Henry Ford's famous line about customers having cars in any color they want as long as it's black, but if slaughtering our way through the rampaging hordes of Hell is inevitable, it's nice that we'll at least have a little flexibility in how we go about it. 

Doom comes out on May 13. Preloads on Steam are live now.   

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