New Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer and screens

Deus Ex 3 thumb

A spectacular new trailer has just landed for Deus Ex 3 showing in-game footage from a mission from the game. It shows Jensen at his most stealthy and destructive, hacking security bots, and taking out guards with a selection of weapons, from retractable wristblades to a laser rifle that can shoot through walls. This is one trailer you won't want to miss. It's embedded below with five new screens.

Jensen's ability to cloak and see enemies through walls makes him deadly when he's being sneaky, but that doesn't mean he can't handle himself in a fight. We see him combining tech on the fly to give his magnum explosive shots, wielding a shotgun that fires blasts of electricity, and, in moments of extreme danger, spinning round and round scattering bombs everywhere. Below the trailer you'll find the five new screens. Click them to enlarge.

Tom Senior

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