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New Battlefield 4 update goes live today, short downtime expected

DICE has announced that a new update for the PC version of Battlefield 4 has begun rolling out, which will bring with it a brief pause in the action while everything gets squared away.

Battlefield 4 didn't have the smoothest launch ever , but to the credit of DICE it's still plugging away at plugging the holes. The studio announced earlier today that a new update fixing various minor-but-not-inconsequential issues is ready to go. The new patch fixes the following:

  • Improved/reduced explosion induced camera shake
  • Character collision improvements
  • Fix to reduce object damage mismatch between client/server.
  • Fix explosion packs not being able to be shot sometimes
  • Improvements for client side packet loss
  • Client crash fixes
  • AMD Mantle multi-GPU improvements
  • Carrier Assault game mode reports bug fix
  • High Frequency Network update
  • dded High frequency “bubble” updating player movement, stance, rotation, damage and projectiles at a separate rate on foot and in vehicles
  • Added option to control client side update rate setting

By all appearances it's a smaller update than the one released at the end of March , which hopefully means that DICE is slowly but surely pulling it all together. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose; speaking of which, the studio warned that "a short period of downtime is expected with this update."

Andy Chalk
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