Neverwinter will now be a free-to-play MMO

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Cryptic's Neverwinter was announced as a co-op RPG from the creators of Champions Online and Star Trek Online. Built with a modified version of the Star Trek Online engine and set in the summery but zombie-blighted D&D city of Neverwinter. Eurogamer report that it will be turned into a free-to-play MMO. All quests, areas and expansions will be free, but you'll be able to pay for pets, fancy clothing items and consumables. The release date has been pushed back to late 2012 to give Cryptic a bit of time to change the way the entire game works.

Cryptic's superhero MMO, Champions Online went free-to-play earlier this year and Star Trek Online is set to take the plunge before the year is out. Cryptic was bought up by Perfect World Entertainment this year, a company that specialises in publishing free-to-play MMOs like the recently released Rusty Hearts. Whatever Cryptic make next, expect it to be free to play.

Tom Senior

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