Neverwinter is home to two million unique players

Perfect World today released an infographic celebrating Neverwinter 's crossing of the two million player mark with various impressive stats and figures, by way of comparison to some fairly random achievements. Those two million players, for instance, can fill Brazil's Olympic stadium 33 times over . You've gotta hand it to them; the strange comparisons amid these stats are as impressive as the stats themselves.

What other interesting bits of info can we unearth in this veritable mine of non sequiturs? Player customization remains one of Neverwinter's strongest points : players are really into designing their own gameplay experiences, as signaled by the fact that some 262,000 custom missions are currently in the Foundry. Perfect World says that's a greater amount than the number of "new books printed in China." Also, there are more companions in Neverwinter than there are marriages yearly in the European Union, but that one totally makes sense because at least in-game companions aren't going to whinge about your gaming habits.

My personal favorite is the insinuation that far more quests have been completed than people have climbed Mount Everest. Okay, Perfect World, we get it: Neverwinter is really super awesome . Somebody alert Dean Hall that the Neverwinter community's badassery trumps his scaling of that puny mountain.