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Neo Cab is a lovely-looking 'emotional survival game about gig labour'

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Neo Cab is the debut game from Californian outfit Chance Agency. It's a survival game, of sorts, but not what we're used to from the genre. And it looks gorgeous. 

"Neo Cab is an emotional survival game about gig labor, tech disruption and the experience of being a driver-for-hire… perhaps the last of their kind," reads a tweet from the game's newly launched Twitter account. 

As told by RPS, players assume control of Lina, a human cab driver living in the AI-controlled city of Los Ojos. Thought be among the last of their kind, Neo Cab is a company for riders "who don't… fit", and Lina must choose her clients—"and [her] words"—with caution as she balances her books, emotional health, and interaction with strangers. 

The following tweets contain snapshots of Neo Cab's world, whose neon cyberpunk glow reminds of else heart.break() and the works of Wadjet Eye.

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Expect "interactive storytelling with some point-and-click elements," so says the dev, and a release on Steam and at some point down the line. Mailing list sign ups can be found over here.