Need for Speed: Most Wanted takes on the top ten racers in the city of Fairhaven

Criterion know where their strengths lie. What Burnout lacked in nuance and realism it made up for with a wicked sense of speed and squealing, somersaulting crashes. Paradise introduced both elements to a city-sized destruction derby custom-made for violent racing. The town of Fairhaven will offer a similarly expansive warren of challenges bolstered by an updated version of the Autolog system, which will match your performance against your friends on the fly.

There will be lots of AI supercars to flip as well, though, as evidenced by the latest Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer. Which features a few snippets of in-game footage (with a HUD and everything), cut into lingering in-engine shots of glossy automobiles drifting through corners and sniffing out every ramp in the neighbourhood. Catch the slo-mo auto show jumping in the video below.

Tom Senior

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