National Videogame Museum completely recreated in Doom WAD

(Image credit: Chris Baracani)

The National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas, is about to get an interesting new exhibit: a Doom WAD that completely recreates the National Videogame Museum itself. Not only is that cool, but you can download the WAD, fire it up, and check out the museum without having to leave your home.

The National Videogame Museum Doom WAD is the creation of Chris Baracani, co-owner of developer DevHour Games and a tour guide at the museum. According to Chris, one of the museum's owners asked if he could recreate the museum inside Doom, to someday be used in one of the museum's exhibits.

It took over a year, Chris says on the mod's page at ModDB, but he did it, and it's a nearly 1:1 recreation of the entire museum. Below, check out a neat side-by-side walkthrough of the real museum next to its counterpart in Doom. It looks pretty darn spot-on.

It's a great looking WAD, and a nice looking museum, too!

I guess my only question is this: if the Doom WAD contains all of the museum, and the museum contains an exhibit featuring the Doom WAD... does the museum in the Doom WAD also contain the exhibit of the Doom WAD inside the museum? If so, then the Doom WAD's museum's exhibit's Doom WAD would also contain the... 

You know what? Never mind.

Christopher Livingston
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