'Naked demon with a large penis' and other content descriptors waiting for approval on Steam

Update (November 25, 2018): True to its word, Valve has approved Boobs Saga for sale. 

Original story: Yesterday, I reported that Valve had approved an uncensored adult game for sale under its new Steam submission policy. That policy, which was announced back in June, allows just about any game to be distributed on Steam, so long as it isn't illegal and doesn't fall under the vague definition of 'trolling.' There's a minor catch, though: before a game can be sold on Steam, the developer needs to clearly describe any explicit content contained within. That information is displayed to Steam users before they decide whether or not to view the game's store page, and users can entirely filter out games containing explicit content.

Today, developer Georgiy Kukhtenkov emailed me to let me know that, like the developers of Negligee: Love Stories, they have also written a Steam content description for their game. At the time of writing, Kukhtenkov is still waiting for approval from Valve, but so long as you are logged into Steam, you can see the game's content description on its store page.

The game is called Boobs Saga and contains a "naked demon with a large penis" and "resurrection via an opening resembling an anus," among many, many other things. My favorite line is "scene resembling the act of oral sex performed by a woman on a dwarf (dwarf is standing on a stool)," because I'm certain "oral sex" would have sufficed.

Aside from enjoying the irony of the warning page so clearly describing Boobs Saga's BDSM and scatological themes as to partially defeat its purpose, I'm very curious to see how Valve reacts to the incoming flood of explicit content descriptors. Valve has stated that illegality and trolling are the only things that can stop a game from being released on Steam, so Boobs Saga should be approved easily if the description is honest. If it, or a game like it, is disallowed for a reason that doesn't clearly fall within those rules, confidence in Valve's anything goes approach will be shaken, and developers will again be confused about what is or isn't allowed.

With that in mind, I expect Boobs Saga's "sperm-like substances" to be approved for sale shortly. We'll keep watching to see if Valve makes any judgments beyond its stated criteria, or if it stays on the course it set for itself in June.

"I hope that Valve will approve my content," wrote Kukhtenkov in another email. "Many people are opposed to my game (in Russia)."

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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