Mysterious indie exploration game, Kairo, is out now with a demo and a trailer

If you found yourself lost in the depths of a strange empty monument and stumbled upon a strange ancient machine would you a) definitely not touch anything because you're pretty sure you've seen this movie before OR b) poke and prod the thing in the hope that it'll open a door to another sparse wing in the crooked mansion you're trapped in.

If you answered a) congratulations! You will live a long and happy life. If you answered b), your life insurance rates just took a hike, but it's okay, you might be the perfect fit for this atmospheric new indie exploration game, called Kairo.

Kairo is available now for $8, but RPS note that there is a 127MB demo available for Windows and OSX, which is the best way to judge how compelling you find the faint sense of menace that clings to Kairo's rocky sculptures. Absorb that same sensation in a more passive form with the help of this trailer. If you like it, consider giving it an upvote on Greenlight .

Tom Senior

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