My biggest surprise of E3: DC Universe Online

DC Universe

I didn't expect to love DCUO as much as I did. It's the first MMO I've seen with game-changing physics: you can freeze enemies in a stasis bubble, then pick that bubble up and roll it down the hill at a horde of baddies. And its fast-paced, high-quality brawling combat is actually reminiscent of Arkham Asylum - not quite as good, but close. It came out of nowhere to blow my socks off.

The shakeycam video I took during the presentation says it better than I could, and Harley Quinn is kind of a hottie, so I'm just going to shut up and let you watch it:

The mission ended with a very well-produced comic book-style narration of Harley Quinn explaining her love of Joker and cogniscience of her own insanity. Very cool stuff that tied it back to what has to be the core foundation of this game: the comic book roots. Everything I saw today really convinced me that SOE understands that, and is doing it right.

Of course, the biggest question for a superhero MMO is how PvP will work, so I got you a short video with a few answers on that tough topic from the devs themselves. Each power set aligns the player with a mentor figure who will give your hero access to new kit - the suit worn by the player here was gifted to him by Batman.

DC Universe Online is out in November - more details in our last post .