MOZA Racing hardware is shaking up the PC sim racing scene

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Top-end gaming hardware can sometimes feel like a locked-down environment, with the traditional 'big names' holding their ground in the realms of mice, keyboards, headsets, and other bits. But in the specialist realm of Sim Racing, a new challenger has quickly made an impact. Since appearing on the scene in 2021, MOZA Racing has quickly found itself at the head of the pack, channelling 10 years of research, design, and automotive knowledge into its wheels, pedals, digital dashes, and other accessories for racing enthusiasts.

The brains in the MOZA lab knew that to make an impact, they'd need to go a step further in delivering the feedback and feel of driving. This meant not only extensive research in automotive powertrain, electric motor, and chassis control, but also doing what few other companies have done, such as implementing a fully active vehicle shock absorption system.

MOZA deals exclusively in Direct Drive racing sim hardware. Where your typical PC racing wheel is belt- or gear-driven, and lacks that true racing tactility, Direct Drive wheels mount directly onto the motor, meaning there is no 'intermediary' between the wheel and motor. This retains all the feedback from the motor, delivering higher holding and peak torque to your hands. There's no lash, greater precision, and more accurate rotation with the wheels, making for an unrivalled degree of realism.

Moza KS R12 F1 wheel

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You'll immediately feel the weightiness of a MOZA wheel in your hands, even before you've hooked it all up. From the budget-friendly MOZA R5 bundle, which gives you everything you need to get started, to their pinnacle product in the FSR Formula Wheel, each wheel is built from the highest-quality materials, and packed with internal electronics that capture the exhilaration of whatever driving experience you opt for—be it Rallycross, Formula 1, or simply cruising across the country in your 18-Wheeler. 

Mix and match the wheels with different pedals, from the MOZA SR-P Pedal to the top-end CRP Pedals, and pick from a number of accessories including Handbrakes, Shifters, and Performance Kits. The RM High-Definition Digital Dashboard, meanwhile, is the perfect companion for keeping track of all your driving data—from lap speeds to gear position, and even tyre pressures (if the game supports it).

The software is often just as important as the hardware when it comes to delivering a powerful simulation, and every day MOZA is investing research and development into refining the driver, software, and hardware algorithms for its Pit House software suite. Using Pit House, you can spend untold hours fine-tuning your settings, adjusting your throttles, and creating multiple profiles best suited to the particular driving experience you're playing.

moza racing setup

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MOZA's rise in the racing sim circuit has been meteoric, and the company is now serving sim enthusiasts in over 50 countries worldwide. Its products are fast becoming the brand of choice for simulation events, pro racers, and passionate enthusiasts alike.

Whether you're drifting through pine forests and kicking dirt up the the rearview mirror in iRacing Rallycross, careening a Bentley Continental G3 around the Nurburgring in Assetto Corsa, or watching the great American landscape parallax past you in American Truck Simulator, Moza's racing hardware will shift your PC driving experience that bit closer to reality.

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MOZA has all the momentum right now, so to keep up with everything that's going on head over to the official MOZA site. You can also follow MOZA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, join the community on Reddit, or see their products in action on Youtube