Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord's first official modding tools are out now

(Image credit: Taleworlds)

Get your smithing tools out—you know, your thingamabobs and your whatchamacallits—because Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord's modding tools have just been released. You'll have to wait for all of them, as this beta does not include the full list of planned modding tools, though it appears to contain plenty. 

You can download the kit from Steam's Tools list, but you'll need to have the game installed and updated first. With the kit, you'll get access to a scene editor with a wide assortment of tools, letting you change, import and export terrain, plonk down new objects, edit paths and more. There are also a bunch of resource editors that let you edit everything from textures to characters' skeletons. 

Here's the list of what's available now: 

Scene editor toolset

  • Entity placement tools
  • Terrain import, export and editing tools
  • Navigation mesh tools
  • GI baking tools
  • Level system editing tool
  • Path editing tools

Resource editors

  • Resource browser
  • Material editor
  • Mesh editor
  • Texture editor
  • Body editor
  • Cloth editor
  • Atmosphere editor
  • Skeleton editor
  • Particle editor
  • Model and animation editor

Even without the official tools, Bannerlord's community has been busy putting together mods. You can find our favourites in our list of the best Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord mods, and you can expect a few more to start appearing now that the modding scene has even more support. 

To get started, you might want to browse the official modding documentation, and for an overview of the scene editor you should check out TaleWorlds' modding tools livestream below. 

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