Motherboard vendors release updates to fix a Skylake CPU crash

Intel Skylake High Res

Earlier this month, users of Prime95 reported a bug with Intel's Skylake processors that caused them to crash under heavy workloads. The program is used to stress test CPUs by throwing lots of prime number equations at them. According to Tom's Hardware, CPUs were freezing or crashing during calculations.

Intel has said that it's highly unlikely that the average user will be affected, and had also worked out a fix before the issue came to light that the various manufacturers can implement. The company also claims that the fix has not affected performance, so you won't need to worry about losing efficiency from power consumption.

ASRock released a BIOS update that implemented this fix earlier this week, OC3D reported that MSI has the update out for its Z170A XPOWER Titanium and Z170A Gaming M7 motherboards, and now Tom's Hardware says that Gigabyte has also fixed the problem.

Asus hasn't announced anything specific yet, but you can expect that it will be releasing a similar update soon.