Meet Borderlands 2's most annoying gun

Gearbox's totally accurate "zillion guns" boast has players buying, unearthing, gambling, and stealing a galaxy-spanning variety of weapons across Pandora. Today marks special significance, however, as one Vault Hunter procured what's probably the wackiest and most annoying gun ever.

Meet Hyperion's Energizing Bane. It's found within a late-game quest chain named "The Bane" acquired in the Wild West-themed town of Lynchwood. On the surface, it's a powerful popper: high accuracy, high elemental damage, and hilariously jarring flavor text. That is, until you pull the trigger. Then this happens:

No, that's not a freshly goosed Zero you're hearing. It's the actual gun. Sprint speed also takes a nosedive while it's equipped, reducing your gait to a crawl. It also practically confirms Bane's intended mega-annoyance factor, which many players cite as the primary reason for trashing an otherwise excellent SMG. Troll level: Gearbox.

Bleating weaponry aside, it's a wonderful game. Come read our Borderlands 2 review .

Omri Petitte

Omri Petitte is a former PC Gamer associate editor and long-time freelance writer covering news and reviews. If you spot his name, it probably means you're reading about some kind of first-person shooter. Why yes, he would like to talk to you about Battlefield. Do you have a few days?