Morrowind mod Skywind seeks voice actors and "sound quality" assistants


Skywind, as we've mentioned a few times previously , is a recreation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind using the engine that powers the much newer and more visually impressive Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . It will also include roughly 300 to 400 hours of voice acting, and the team behind it could use some help getting it all squared away.

The call for help with Skywind voice acting is actually two-fold. First and foremost, the sheer amount of spoken content means that listening to it all to determine what's worthy of inclusion and what isn't will be a gargantuan job, especially since at the moment it's apparently the responsibility of one single guy. Given the desire to actually finish the game some day, the Skywind team is recruiting four to five people with patience and good ears to join the "sound quality filter team," which essentially means listening to submissions and deciding which ones are good enough for inclusion in the game and which need more work.

For those who prefer the more glamorous side of the videogame industry, the developers are also still looking for voice actors, particularly those who can make themselves sound like Dunmer, the Elder Scrolls' version of Dark Elves. Dunmer typically have very rough, grinding voices, like they've spent their whole lives sucking on volcanic fumes or something, and finding people to fill the roles is apparently more challenging than it is for others, although why that's a problem for Dunmer and not Argonians I cannot even begin to guess.

It's a massive undertaking but a necessary one, too. Despite being, in my opinion, the finest of the Elder Scrolls games, the Morrowind voice acting was pretty dodgy. The game's credits list only 14 voice actors , a tiny number for such a huge game, and the repetition of NPC voices was impossible to overlook. I wouldn't necessarily expect a fan-made mod to address that kind of shortcoming—it would be easy enough to just upgrade the visuals and turn it loose—but I'm glad it's being done.

To submit an audition for a voice acting role or offer your assistance to the sound quality team, hit up the Skywind development forums .

Andy Chalk

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