More BlizzCon tickets are going on sale in July

(Image credit: Nerdist)

With the predictability of the rising sun, both batches of tickets to the 2017 edition of BlizzCon sold out very quickly. But this year, Blizzard is expanding the party into a new hall at the Anaheim Convention Center, and so it's putting a third batch of tickets on sale in July. 

Everything about round three of BlizzCon ticket sales will be the same as the first two: They'll be available from, and will go for $199 each plus applicable taxes. That gets you a BlizzCon Badge providing on-site access to the two-day event, a BlizzCon "Goody Bag," and also a Virtual Ticket, so you can watch online and catch up with bits you might have missed via on-demand replays. 

The third batch of BlizzCon 2017 ticket sales will go on the block at 7 pm PT on July 5. If timing or expense prevents you from attending in person, you can also go for a standalone Virtual Ticket, which aren't actually on sale yet but in previous years have gone for $40 each. 

This year's BlizzCon is scheduled to run November 3-4. Learn more about what's on this year's slate at

Andy Chalk

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