Moonlighter roadmap teases New Game Plus, Familiars, and other free updates

The shopkeeping-RPG Moonlighter was released at the end of May and turned out to be pretty good: A "cute and casual" mashup of genres that trades depth and complexity for a more relaxing roguelike experience. We said in our review that it's "meant to be completed and set aside," but players will soon have reason to pick it up again, as developer Digital Sun unveiled a development roadmap teasing big plans for the rest of 2018. 

The first update will add more than 50 new rooms spread throughout Moonlighter's four dungeons, improve the appearance of armor and enchanted items, and add more tutorials to better explain shop upgrades. After that, a New Game+ mode is planned, along with all-new Dimensional Weapons and Amulets. Third on the list are companions who will join you on your journeys, and the addition of custom game options that will enable players to set up more "diverse experiences." And finally, the Trouble Update, which will add new mini-bosses and item effects that the developers don't want to talk about yet. 

All the updates will be free (there's apparently also some "Winter DLC" coming that's meant to be paid, but the message suggests that might not be completely locked down yet), and while there's no set schedule for release, the first is expected to arrive sometime this month and the last should be out around Halloween. And if all goes well, that won't be the end of it: The studio said it has more updates planned for 2019. 

Andy Chalk

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