Monster Train Friends & Foes update adds champions, bosses, artifacts, more

Friends & Foes is a substantial and generous free update for the deckbuilding hellride that is Monster Train. It adds a new champion for each monster clan—Shardtail Queen for the Hellhorned, Wyldenten for the Awoken, Solgard the Martyr for the Stygian Guard, Primordium for the Umbra, and Little Fade for the Melting Remnant—each with their own starter card. The clans also get a new artifact each: Queen's Tail, Emblem of the Exiles, Kinstone Totem, Shadowbox, and Fade's First Blade.

On the other side of the coin there are two new bosses, Talos and Archus, each with three variations, that can appear to replace Daedalus and Fel at the third and sixth rings of Hell. Final boss Seraph gets a new variant, called Seraph the Patient.

Want to see your personal run records? They're in the logbook now. Additionally, there are five more expert challenges for anyone who has completed a Covenant 25 run. Info on bug fixes and additional notes can be found over here.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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