Moebius trailer brings drama, mystery and clear pronunciation

Well this is disappointing. Not the contents of this Moebius trailer, which, for the first time since the reveal of Jane Jensen's Kickstarted adventure, has me looking forward to the game's release. Instead, it's disappointing because here the actors clearly say "Rector", as opposed to in previous trailers where... well, let's just say that the pronunciation was open to interpretation.

Rectum. It used to sound like they were saying rectum. Yes, I am that immature.

Back to the game. You play as historical genius Malachi "Rector", who is hired by the secretive "FIST" organisation to research the life of a dead woman. Names aside, the game's plot certainly has the potential to be an enjoyably campy mystery. Hopefully the puzzles and design will too.

Moebius is due out early 2014.

Phil Savage

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